Selezione Luigi Dolzan – Stravecchia Grappa – limited edition

Selezione Luigi Dolzan – Stravecchia Grappa – limited edition

BRAND: 102

Awards & Certificates

Product Descriptions:

Dal 1800 Mezzolombardo – Trentino

Luigi Dolzan, 5th generation the master distiller of this grappa stravecchia made in Trentino. Delicate and complex scents, rich and enveloping taste are the distinctive straights of this grappa aged in wood casks.

Selected Teroldego, Pinot noir and Moscato grape skins from Trentino, softly pressed and distilled straight after rackin

Color: intense amber with rich yellow gold strikes

Nose: delicate, complex, smooth, elegant with intriguing notes of bread, orange zest, raisins and amaretto biscuit

Palate: smooth, rich, harmonious and persistent with an explosion of complex flavors such as vanilla, almonds, walnut hull, chocolate and liquorice.

Alcohol Vol: 40%

Additional information:

Linea:  Grappa
Bot:  150 cl
Sku: 1.16.01
Brand:  Villa de Varda

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product

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