Red Wine

Negroamaro Rosso Igt

Negroamaro Rosso Igt


Awards & Certificates

Igp Certificate

Product Descriptions:

Since 1899     Palmariggi – Lecce

The wine obtained from matured grapes, Negroamaro selected, is a red wine grape variety native to Apulian Region, particularly in Salento.

The name is thought to derive from two words meaning black: the Latin language negro and the ancient Greek maru.

It is a red wine grape variety native to southern Italy.

The wine is made from staying in prolonged contact with Grape pomace and must, in order to high coloring substances extraction.

The pomace is separated from the liquid. The fermentation may be done in stainless steel tanks.

Additional information:

Line: Red wine
Bot: 750 ml
Sku: 1510
Brand: Masseria Altipareti

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product
  • Igp Certificate – Indication of Geographic Protection

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