Grappe Trentini – I Legni

Grappe Trentini – I Legni

BRAND: 102

Awards & Certificates

Product Descriptions:

Since 1800  Mezzolombardo – Trentino

A very precious pine-wood coffer with 3 bottles of 20 cL of Grappa Riserva.

Each Grappa aged in different wood cask.

In this way the costumer has the possibility to try the difference between the Grappa aged in acacia-wood cask, cherry-wood cask and oak-wood cask

Aged Grappa Riserva Acacia Barrique
Aged Grappa Riserva Cherry Barrique
Aged Grappa Riserva Oak Barrique

Alcohol Vol: 40%

Additional information:

Line: Grappa
Bot: 20 cl
Sku: 1.26.01
Brand: Villa de Varda

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product

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