Grappa Müller Thurgau Riserva

Grappa Müller Thurgau Riserva

BRAND: 102

Awards & Certificates

Product Descriptions:

Since 1800  Mezzolombardo – Trentino

Is crafted by distilling the best pomace from the Cembra Valley in Trentino, the most vocated area for the production of this variety with breathtaking views across the valley.

The semi aromatic grapes of Müller Thurgau give light to a beautiful, aroma-rich golden bunch, ideal for the production of wines and grappa.

Color: Amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: Intense, with aromatic notes of spices and vanilla, nicely fruity of black currants and revealing the characteristic semi aromatic profile of the grape used

Taste: Smooth, persistent, elegant, with clear floral notes, fruity and toasty notes of hazelnuts, cocoa and coffee.

Alcohol Vol: 40%

Additional information:

Line: Grappa
Bot:  50 cl / 70 cl
Sku: 1.02.05
Brand: Villa de Varda

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product
  • ANAG 2011 Gold Medal
  • ANAG 2017 Silver Medal
  • ANAG 2013 Excelence
  • ANAG 2012 Gold Medal

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