Grappa di Dolcetto

Grappa di Dolcetto

BRAND: 102

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Product Descriptions:

Since 1977    Alba – Cune

 Made from the best Italian vineyards, valorizing the extraordinary varietal heritage of the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, areas which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.

Represents the spirit of the land, the loyalty to its most noble vineyards and the transformation into a grappa that glorifies its natural characteristics.

Distillation happens in bain marie  stills, one for white and another for red, in small batches over a long period of time so that the original flavors of the grapes can be experienced.

From pomace of Dolcetto selected in Alba area.
Transparent in appearance, with a vividly clear floral aroma.
The flavors are dry, fresh and focused.

ALCOHOL: 44% vol.


Additional information:

Line: Grappa
Bot: 70cl
Sku: 3100
Brand: Grappa Marolo

Award & Certificates:

100% Italian Product

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