Amaro Ulrich

Amaro Ulrich


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Product Descriptions:

Since 1977     Alba – Cune 

Amaro Ulrich was first made in 1854 to a recipe by Dr Domenico Ulrich, and is now produced in a revised version by the Marolo Distillery, which has years of experience in liqueur and spirit making.

Amaro Ulrich contains the active ingredients of 19 herbs, flowers, fruits and roots, making it an effective and reinvigorating digestif.
Top note flavors among the various ingredients are wormwood, gentian and anise, and it is precisely the natural nature of the formula that gives it its unique, unmistakable character.

The entirely traditional method of production keeps the active and aromatic substances that typify the product unaltered
Amaro Ulrich may be served straight or “on the rocks”. It can also be used in a wide variety of cocktails

ALCOHOL: 32%  Vol.

Additional information:

Line: Liqueur
Bottle: 70 cl
Sku: 3153
Brand: Grappa Marolo


Award & Certificates:


  • 100% Italian Product



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