Wine Brand Top Line

Timè Doc – Grillo

Grupo Montevago
Designed to accompany spring dinners with friends, enjoying fish-based dishes: fresh tuna with balsamic vinegar cream and cherry tomatoes with basil.

Zoe Doc – Nero d’Avola Merlot

Grupo Montevago
Persuasive and delicate, this wine is perfect for elaborate game-based lunches such as veal slices on mushroom, carrot and celery mousse: a gift of nature reinterpreted by man to accompany important occasions.

Sofè Doc – Nero d’Avola

Grupo Montevago
Organoleptic characteristics: Born from the wisdom and experience of our most attentive winemakers. Sofè is the result of a careful selection of grapes and combines delicious hints of cherry and weed and spicy notes. Perfect in combination with meat-based first courses: fresh busiate with yellow pumpkin cream and peppered sausage. Designed to brighten the cold winter days, this wine will give you enveloping notes of wisdom.