Wine Brand Line White Chardonnay

9 Bocche Bio / Doc – Sauvignon B.

Grupo Montevago

Trapani – Sicily Completely hand-harvested, this delicious white wine from Trapani has a very good freshness on the palate that is enriched during the tasting of vaguely fruity and spicy notes, not excessive sweet but full of character. A perfect…

9 Bocche Bio / Doc – Pinot Grigio

Grupo Montevago

Trapani – Sicily A prized, beloved, surprising wine that is always able to reveal itself in a new way depending on the tasting experience. Sometimes full-bodied and decisive, others refined and with mineral notes. With a vaguely floral scent, this…

Salento Igp – Chardonnay

Grupo Montevago

Since 1899     Palmariggi – Lecce  Wine produced from selected grapes of Chardonnay, made with soft pressing and with special temperature control in fermentation. Sharpening steel for five months. Then racked and bottled.