Cookies Beppino – with Almonds & white Chocolate

Cookies Beppino – with Almonds & white Chocolate

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

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Since 1986      Isola della Scala – Verona


A dessert with a marked flavor thanks to the Nero Beppino rice flour and a rustic consistency.
Quickly and easily get a tasty cake or divide the dough into 6/8 cupcakes to get delicious muffins.

Ideal for breakfast, snacks or as a dessert.

Our rice flours and polenta used are obtained by stone grinding the Vialone Nano and Nero Beppino rice, a process that allows to keep the organoleptic characteristics intact thanks to slow processing. Fibers, vitamins, minerals are fully preserved.
Thanks to the rice flour and polenta these cake is simple and genuine, without the addition of other starches.


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Line: Rice Flour Mix
Weight: 450 gr
Sku: 2069

Award & Certificates:

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