Pettola Rigata ( Lasagna ) di Gragnano Igp

Pettola Rigata ( Lasagna ) di Gragnano Igp

Cooking Time: 7 minutes

Awards & Certificates

Pasta di Gragnano certified

Product Descriptions:

Since 1972       Gragnano – Naples

We have been offering products of the highest quality in compliance with the Pasta di Gragnano PGI specification.

We follow the centuries-old tradition of the Municipality of Gragnano, namely high quality durum wheat semolina, bronze drawing and long drying times at low temperatures.

Additional information:

Line:  Pasta Long
Weight: 500 gr
Sku: 81

Award & Certificates:

  • Pasta di Gragnano certified
  • 100% Italian wheat certified
  • PGI certified products

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