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Spontaneous Embossed

Spontaneous Embossed

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Since 1990   Palmariggi – Lecce

It is an oil that has not undergone any mechanical intervention, nor any filtering, guaranteeing maximum sweetness, lightness, aroma and authenticity: a real olive juice.

Its high nutritional value has been recognized since ancient times. Spontaneous oil is obtained by surfacing directly from the molenda (the freshly pressed olive paste) collected in steel containers and masterfully drawn through the use of special tools.

Produced from the olive trees of Terra d’Otranto.
Variety of olives: Cellina di Nardò, Ogliarola Salentina and Leccina.
Harvest: By direct detachment of the olives that have just turned dark from the plant.
Processing: Within 6 – 12 hours of harvesting, in order to keep the aromatic heritage of the fresh olives intact.
Taste: Oil with a light taste, excellently balanced with intense and persistent fragrances.
Color: Yellow with green reflections.

Perfect to dress pasta, rice, salads, white meats, and shellfish.

Additional information:

Line: Evo Oil
Bot: 250 ml / 500 ml
Sku: 1503

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product

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