Organic Condiment with Fresh Lemon

Organic Condiment with Fresh Lemon

Awards & Certificates

Product Descriptions:

Since 1910    Limbadi – Calabria

The organic lemon condiment is obtained from the simultaneous grinding of olives and organic lemons at zero km

A careful selection of raw materials and a series of precautions, the result of so much experience and matured tests of the miller, enhance all the noble properties of lemons and olives

Our condiments are the only ones that can be defined naturally fruity.

The nose immediately perceives the scent of fresh lemon harvested during the day.
On the palate the sweetness of the lemon peel and the sourness of the vitamin C (the lemon is ground with the olives in its entirety) combine in a perfect balance of authentic Mediterranean flavorsManual Collection

Contextual Crushing
Cold Extraction
Natural Decantation


Additional information:

Line: Condiment
Bot: 250 ml
Sku: 1551

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product
  • Certified ICEA Bio
  • Certified IFS Food

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