Evo Oil

Accomando – Val di Mazara

Accomando – Val di Mazara

Awards & Certificates

Product Descriptions:

Since 1967     Val di Mazara – Trapani

The Evo Oil was produced in the territory of La Strada Val di Mazara .

The plant has been built and equipped with the most technologically advanced production systems, such as cold pressing with the latest generation Pieralisi plants, and an OCIM bottling plant for the packaging phase.

EVO Oil is obtained from ripe olives, carefully selected and rigorously processed in a mill within a few hours of harvesting.
It has a maximum acidity of 0.50% and a density of medium value, and is one of the oils with more polyphenols.
Its color is green with golden yellow reflections and it has a smell of freshly crushed olive with herbaceous notes.

Its flavor is fruity, slightly bitter and spicy with an aftertaste of almond, artichoke and green tomato.

Additional information:

Líne: Evo Oil Dark Glass
Bot: 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml
Sku: 161
Brand: Accomando

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product

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