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Dal Frantoio

Dal Frantoio

Awards & Certificates


Product Descriptions:

Basilicata – Potenza

Thanks to the warm and constantly ventilated climate, the use of chemical pesticides is not necessary for the cultivation of these olives.

The Evo oil we obtain has a golden yellow color with green reflections.
A medium fruity flavor of ripe olive with a sweet taste, with a slight hint of almond.
It is filtered with gravity cotton without any further pressure.

Evo oil is a lively, delicate product and that is why conservation is one of the phases that determines the quality of the final product.

We strictly bottle it in the production area where it is placed in dark bottles that help protect it from light.
All this in order to keep it intact as if it had just been squeezed.

Additional information:

Line: Evo Oil Bio
Bot: 1 lt
Sku: 2302
Brand: dal Frantoio

Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian Product
  • Bio certified
  • Certified by ICEA, Institute for Environmental Ethical
  • No chemicals –  No pesticides

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