Smoked & Cured

Strolghino di Culatello Dop

Strolghino di Culatello Dop

Awards & Certificates

Dop certified ( Protected Denomination of Origen)

Product Descriptions:

It is the finest Italian cured meat, obtained from the best part of the pork leg, the rear one.

The processing is done by hand, according to tradition.

Maturing is slow and completely natural, never less than ten months.

Only in this way is the true Culatello born, with an intense and characteristic aroma, with light notes of musk and roses.

 It is sweet and characteristic, full and enveloping.

Additional information:

Line:  Smoked & Cured
Sku: 953
Brand: Traversetolese

Award & Certificates:


  • 100% Italian Product
  • Dop certified ( Protected Denomination of Origen)



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