Raw ham

Fontana Dop – Boneless

Fontana Dop – Boneless

Awards & Certificates

PDO certified  (Protected Designation of Origin )

Product Descriptions:

Since 1919    Padova 

Its quality is the result of a rigorous selection of Italian raw materials and careful and skilful processing.

With its classic weight of 10 kg and a minimum aging of 16 months it is one of our most popular products

Additional information:

Line: Raw Ham
Weight: 10 kg aprox.
Sesoned: min 16 / 20 / 24 months
Sku: 966
Brand: Fontana Anghinetti

Award & Certificates:


  • 100% Italian Product
  • PDO certified  (Protected Designation of Origin )
  • free allergens
  • free gluten.



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