Nostrano Valsabbino

Nostrano Valsabbino

Awards & Certificates

100% Italian milk certificate

Product Descriptions:

Since 1982     Brescia

Cheese made with partially skimmed milk, cooked pasta, diameter of about 33 cm and 11-12 sides.

It is a long-aged cheese ranging from 12 to 24 months.

This product reflects the characteristics of our high valley cheeses with a compact texture or small regular holes.

The local cheeses of the upper valley, as per tradition, contain a pinch of saffron. It gives its best when aged over 15 months when its aroma and aromatic taste are enhanced; the intense straw yellow color.

During the aging, as a centuries-old tradition in our valleys, the rind is oiled with raw linseed oil to avoid excessive drying and to protect it.

Suitable not only for the end of a meal, but also as a pairing with aperitifs with a sparkling wine, or in the kitchen in risottos or as a condiment.

Additional information:

Line: Cheese
Weght: 7,5 Kgs
Seasoned: 15-18 months
Sku: 21
Brand: Caseificio Valsabbino


Award & Certificates:

  • 100% Italian milk certificate

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