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Grupo Montevago

Grupo Montevago ag C.A., with headquarters in Caracas – Venezuela is a family business founded in 1953 by Silvestre Saladino Giametta from Montevago (Ag) Sicily-Italy.
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Grupo Montevago

Our experience allows us to offer our clients the best selection of Products with Competitive Prices in the market since we have a Billing System Directly with the Producer which Reduces Costs.

Counting on its great commercial and industrial trajectory and adapting to the needs of the market, today Grupo Montevago ag CA is a Wholesale Company of Food and Drinks of Italian origin as well as of Furniture and Technologies with Commercial Representation of Manufacturers and Producers.


With a flexible approach and dynamic organization Our goal is to develop a solid and long-term relationship with our customers and with the owners of the brands we represent with the same Principles, Values ​​and Reliability that characterize us.

 We have a wide Variety of Products with Seals of Guarantee, Awards and Prizes, as well as a Great Team of Qualified Representatives.

Sales Manager

Giuseppe Leonardo Saladino B.

Marketing Manager

Anna Adele Saladino B. 

Administrative Manager

Giuseppe M. Saladino Votta


Silvestro Saladino Votta

Grupo Montevago
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Our Certified Products Guarantee Their Excellence

We have a wide variety of products with official Guarantee Seals, Recognitions and Awards that Guarantee their Excellence added to our Valuable Relationships with Prestigious Suppliers as well as a Great Team of trained Representatives, thus making a difference to increase the value of your business.

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